$19.99 USD
($5.71 / oz)

Organic French Cancan
3.5 oz loose tea Tin

3.5 oz loose tea Tin

Cups 50


Product rating 4 out of 5
Item No. 21650A1070
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$19.99 USD
($5.71 / oz)

Berry flavored black tea

Let yourself be seduced by our French Cancan recipe, where the character of black tea meets the delicacy of red berries.

Immerse yourself in a sensory dance where notes of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and redcurrant intermingle to create an unforgettable symphony of flavors.

Inspired by the liveliness of the famous French Cancan, this blend transports you to the bustling streets of Paris, where art and passion meet.

Dance with French history and tradition as you enjoy this fruity black tea. Treat yourself to a moment of French delight with French Cancan, a unique creation that will awaken all your senses.

The info you need

First performed in the mid-19th century, the French Cancan is a popular dance with a frenzied rhythm in which dancers have fun waving their petticoats at their audience. Initially danced at Parisian balls, the Cancan quickly became a true social phenomenon, synonymous with celebration, joie de vivre and freedom.

The French Cancan has made several Parisian cabarets legendary, representing the symbol of the Belle Epoque and of France itself. Now famous the world over, it has become a popular tourist attraction.


Black tea* (94%), natural berry flavors (6%) *Organically grown ingredient
Red berry flavor

Red berry flavor

Black tea

Black tea

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 175 °F
Our certifications
organic label
European organic certification
organic farming certification
usda organic label