Orange, a fruit bursting with benefits!

Orange, a fruit bursting with benefits!

Published the 12/03/2020


Orange, a fruit bursting with benefits!

orange cut on a tray with a grey knife on the side

Sold at stores and markets throughout the year, oranges are in fact a winter fruit naturally available in France from December through April. They are some of the world’s most grown fruits, but also the most consumed in France along with apples and bananas. Read on to find out more about the properties and benefits of this spherical fruit we love so much!

orange cut on a tray with a grey knife on the side

A luxury fruit

As everyone knows, oranges are citrus fruits just like lemons, grapefruits, and bergamots. However, what makes it different is its size, color, and sweet but also slightly sour flavor. Originally grown in China and preceded by another variety, the bitter orange, sweet oranges first appeared in Europe around the 15th century. They were an instant hit. Their benefits, sweetness and zesty flavor had everyone in agreement, particularly the aristocracy and the royal family, who even grew orange gardens at their homes. Before spreading to the people in the mid-20th century, oranges were a luxury fruit and long considered a fine Christmas present.

orange où on enlève la peau d'une manière circulaire

A multitude of possibilities

This juicy citrus fruit can be used in countless ways. Delicious on its own or in fruit salads, it is also a great accompaniment to savory dishes with meat, fish, and vegetables, and is used in desserts such as cakes and pastries. It is also the world’s most consumed fruit juice. Did you know? To cook orange segments and cut them into “supremes,” you remove the peel but also the thin, white, bitter layer known as the “pith.” Oranges also pair wonderfully with mint and dried fruits such as dates and prunes. And chocolate offers an irresistible match, especially when used as a dip for candied “orangettes”.

plusieurs rondelles d'oranges sur une planche

Candied or preserved, orange reveals its benefits

To make this renowned candied delicacy in full slices or sticks, make sure you keep the orange peel to one side. Famed for its nutrients and healthy properties, it adds a bitter touch to this sweet treat and balances the sugary side of the orangettes. The peel is also excellent for making marmalades and other preserves (always better with tasty chunks left in), and can be enjoyed in other forms such as dried, grated, powdered, and even infused. Mouthwatering in certain teas, it offers a perfect addition to Euphoria by Kusmi Tea (along with maté and chocolate), as well as the famous Tsarevna, the brand’s iconic Christmas blend combined with vanilla, almonds, and spices.

product infusion Tsarevna Kusmi Tea