Hojicha (Organic), Kyushu


$28.10 USD
($8.03 / oz)

Roasted Japanese green tea 3.5 oz refill bag

3.5 oz refill bag

Cups 40


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$28.10 USD
($8.03 / oz)

Roasted Japanese green tea

A delicious, roasted Japanese green tea.

Breathtaking landscapes worthy of the finest travel journals! This is what you can expect on the island of Kyushu in Southwest Japan. With its tropical climate, the so-called “volcano island” offers ideal conditions for growing organic Japanese green tea. 

But that’s not all! Near the city Kagoshima, the locals have developed an incredible technique… With a few deft movements, they transform regular green tea from the last harvest into a bold, punchy beverage. Their secret is to roast the tea leaves at a high temperature! This turns them a beautiful brown and offers a woody flavor with smoky notes when brewed. A true delicacy!

The info you need

Organic Hojicha tea is the perfect drink to enjoy with a meal. Surprise your guests by serving it with cheeses, meats, or even grilled fish!

Hojicha (Organic), Kyushu


Roasted Japanese green tea * *Organically grown ingredient
Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 170 °F