Cucumber-mint green tea (Organic)

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Cucumber-mint green tea
Organic green tea 300 g refill bag

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$41.04 USD $51.30
(null / oz)

Cucumber-mint flavored green tea

An organic cucumber-mint green tea, irresistible fresh and trendy.

Cucumber is one of today’s most popular ingredients. It is so ubiquitous that we can’t do without it! This vegetable is so versatile it turns up everywhere; but because it is so seductive, it chooses where it likes to be seen: this morning, it was in your shaker on the way to the gym; this evening, it’s in the latest creation by your favorite mixologist, still just as tonic, fresh, and healthy.

And at Kusmi? You’ll find it in your tea all day long! That’s right! Sometimes, cucumber is found where you least expect it. In our cucumber-mint green tea, it harmoniously combines with the equally refreshing mint. Together, in this ultra-green blend, they bring the best out of each other to offer you a divinely light, deliciously thirst-quenching tea.

This cucumber-mint green tea is organic, of course, so it’s kind to your body and our planet! Some like it hot while others prefer it iced. How will you enjoy yours?

Organic tea also available loose because it’s good for the planet, or in teabags for when you’re on the go.

The info you need

The Himalayan origins of cucumber date back thousands of years before our current age, but it was actually Charlemagne who is said to have brought it to France in the ninth century, having it grown on his estates. King Louis XIV then had cucumbers planted in his garden greenhouses to enjoy countless cucumber soups – one of his favorites. Today, many of us adore this cool, light, refreshing vegetable, which is made up of 96% water!


Green tea* (90%), mint leaves* (5%), natural mint and cucumber flavors (5%) *Organically grown ingredients


Green Tea Sencha

Green Tea Sencha

Cucumber (natural flavor)

Cucumber (natural flavor)

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 170 °F
white Bellini
white Bellini
white Bellini
white Bellini