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Chinese green tea (Organic)
300 g refill bag

300 g refill bag

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$41.04 USD $51.30
(null / oz)

Chinese green tea

A delicious, plain, organic green tea that recounts the history of China.

Kusmi Tea has specially selected an organic Chinese green tea grown in the heart of a wild, natural setting boasting breathtaking views.

This bold, majestically classic green tea with its delicately twisted leaves offers up lightly grilled, vegetal notes while showcasing its traditions and origins. In just a few sips, you will discover an extraordinary range of landscapes from vast prairies and imposing mountain ranges to green hills, ancient historical sites, and, of course, luxuriant tea gardens.

This Chinese green tea, a champion of natural simplicity, exudes authentically sweet and refreshing notes drawn directly from its native land.

Organic tea available loose because it’s good for the planet, and in tea bags for when you’re on the go.

The info you need

Green tea is the most popular tea in China, the birthplace of this beverage which is now loved the world over. The tea’s origins date back to around 3,000 years ago. And while there are countless legends surrounding it, they all have one similarity: the mythical Emperor Shennong, considered to be the inventor of traditional Chinese medicine. Shennong was a highly skilled botanist with a passion for plants. He followed a strict, healthy lifestyle and asked his subjects to always boil water before drinking it. One day, while he was napping, the wind blew a leaf from a nearby bush into his bowl. When he awoke, he was intrigued by the color of the hot water and studied the plant to discover all the benefits of tea leaves. Tea was initially used as a medicinal treatment before becoming a luxury product and then an everyday drink.


Chinese green* tea. *Organically grown ingredient
Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 170 °F

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