There’s no way you could have missed the benefits of goji berries!


There’s no way you could have missed the benefits of goji berries ! This slightly sweet, famous fruit has countless positive properties. It’s not for nothing that it features in the latest health-promoting recommendations and today’s tastiest fruit teas. We took a closer look at this Asian superfood…


What is a goji berry ?

A small, long, orange fruit, goji berries grow on bushes that can reach up to ten feet tall. This shrub, known as Lycium Chinense, is a member of the boxthorn family.

The plant blooms from June through September, and the berries ripen between August and October. However, the Lycium must be at least four years old to produce berries with an optimum nutrient profile.


How should we consume goji berries?

Goji berries are generally eaten dried, but they can also be enjoyed fresh.
There are countless recipes available, from cereal bowls to fruitcakes.

They can even be made into juices, smoothies, and teas!


The benefits of goji berry tea

Goji berries have been consumed in Asia since time immemorial. Traditional Chinese remedies also use these “fruits of eternal youth” for their wealth of medicinal properties. 

It should however be noted that there are few studies on goji berries, which means its benefits have not been scientifically proven. What is certain is that these Asian fruits are packed with protein and contain a number of minerals and trace metals such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

People in the West only discovered goji berries in the 1970s and have been leading consumers ever since! They are particularly appreciated for the many healthy properties they are said to contain:



Packed with vitamin C

Did you know that goji berries contain three times more vitamin C than oranges? 

They should therefore give us a little boost and help battle through bouts of fatigue.
Athletes also drink goji berry tea and eat the fruit whole to keep their energy levels up during their training and recover faster.

The high level of vitamin C in these berries is also said to reinforce our immune systems and therefore prevent illness.


High in beta-carotene

High in beta what? We know what you’re thinking! Believe it or not, beta-carotene is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from UV rays. It is not as effective as sunscreen, but it at least it’s something!

Goji berries are filled with it! They actually contain 8.4 mg for every 100 g, which is more than carrots at 6.6 mg.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the complexion offered by beta-carotene is claimed to be more popular than a tan!



High in beta-sitosterol

Goji berry tea also contains beta-sitosterol, which reduces blood cholesterol levels in humans. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties.


A detox berry

Goji berry tea may help to remove toxins we breathe in every day – especially in highly polluted areas.

The low glycemic index of this fleshy fruit could also increase our feeling of fullness and control our appetite during meals.


A “well-being” berry

Some countries call Lycium Chinense the “plant of happiness.” And it’s easy to see why!

Goji berries are meant to be beneficial for our skin and hair, and their antioxidant properties may have an anti-aging effect on our skin by preventing lines and wrinkles. By drinking delicious goji berry tea, you might feel better in your skin… but that’s not all!

Goji berries may also be able to improve our mood thanks to the energy they give us. What’s more, they are said to reduce our stress.

To make the most of all these properties, discover how to consume goji berries.