CHF 136,85 CHF
(CHF 11,95 / 100g)

Sakura cast iron teapot 0,55L
With filter - IWACHU Goldbraun


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CHF 136,85 CHF
(CHF 11,95 / 100g)

Sakura cast iron teapot 0,55L

The cast-iron Sakura Teapot is an elegant and decorative accessory. Equipped with a filter, the teapot is easy to use. 

The Iwachu Sakura teapot is handcrafted in Morioka, Japan, where enameled cast iron products have been made for over 100 years. It is equipped with a removable stainless steel filter to prepare all types of loose tea.
Its capacity of 0.55L is ideal for two people. Perfect for long brews, it keeps your tea warm.

Was Sie unbedingt wissen sollten

The Sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom. The Sakura flowering has become a national event in Japan. From March onwards, the cherry blossoms develop pale white to crimson flowers.  


-Materials: forged cast iron handle, cast iron exterior, enameled cast iron interior, stainless steel filter
 -Dimensions: H 145 mm x W 160 mm x D 140 mm                
 -Weight: 1300g                                                                                            
 -Care: hand wash without detergent and without abrasive sponge, dry the outer coating well after use to avoid oxidation marks, do not use in microwave, do not put on high flame, keep the temperature low if used on hot plate