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Sakura cast iron teapot 0,55L
With filter - IWACHU Blau und Silber

Blau und Silber

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CHF 107,90 CHF
(CHF 9,42 / 100g)

Sakura cast iron teapot 0,55L

The cast-iron Sakura Teapot is an elegant and decorative accessory. Equipped with a filter, the teapot is easy to use. 

The 0.55L teapot's traditional and authentic design makes it an elegant and decorative accessory. Decorated with Sakura flowers, this cast-iron teapot is handmade in the Iwachu region of Japan. It's easy to use and has a stainless steel filter.

Was Sie unbedingt wissen sollten

The Sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom. The Sakura flowering has become a national event in Japan. From March onwards, the cherry blossoms develop pale white to crimson flowers.  


- Do not place on an open flame.

- If placing on a hob: use a low setting.

- Not suitable for the microwave.

- Do not use washing-up liquid: clean with water only.

- Remove any residue and dry properly after use.

- Wipe the exterior with a dry cloth while it is still hot.

- As the interior has enamel, be careful not to scratch it.