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(55,86 € /kg)

Glasteekanne Bola 0,75 l mit Filter und deckel


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Artikel Nr.: 818BKG
39,90 € 27,93 € EUR
(55.86 €/kg)

Bola glass teapot 0,75L with infuser and black lid

The Glass Bola Teapot with Infuser allows you to watch your tea brew. Its stainless steel lid with rim adds a splash of colour !

You can watch the colours as the infusion develops thanks to the sleek design of the Glass Bola Teapot. Its extra-slim stainless steel filter and colourful lid with rim makes it a designer accessory which is ideal for any tea break ! The infuser is detachable to make it easier to clean.

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Borosilicate glass is resistant to high temperatures. It is an extremely resistant glass. FORLIFE specialises in ceramic products and offers a high-quality glass teapot.