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Iced Tea set with Kusmi Tea pitcher
AquaSummer and AquaRosa

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39,90 € EUR 52,70 €

Iced tea set with a 1.2 litre Kusmi Tea carafe and 1 box of AquaSummer and AquaRosa, each containing 6 large tea bags.

Unlimited Iced Tea

Stay hydrated all summer long, with our Kusmi Tea Iced Tea Set. Choose our new Kusmi Tea iced tea carafe as well as a box of AquaSummer and a box of AquaRosa each containing 6 large tea bags developed especially for the tasting of your iced teas.

- A Kusmi Tea Iced Tea Carafe: our Kusmi Tea Iced Tea Carafe has a capacity of 1.2L and is made of borosilicate glass with high heat resistance. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and adapts perfectly to all styles of interiors.

- Case of 6 large tea bags of AquaRosa: the organic hibiscus and red fruit infusion with a strong character. Proud of its pink robe. To sip AquaRosa in ice version, nothing easier with our special carafe sachet format!

- Étui de 6 grands sachets d'AquaSummer :with AquaSummer, the summer lasts all year long! An infusion of organic fruits, peach-apricot, based on hibiscus. To sip the AquaSummer organic infusion in ice version, nothing easier with our special carafe sachet format!

The info you need

Enjoy a refreshing break with our Kusmi Tea + AquaRosa and AquaSummer Iced Tea Set.

Sit on the terrace and switch to summer mode. Fill your carafe with 60cl of simmering water (just over half a carafe) and dip the special carafe bag.

Relax while the mixture infuses, about 7 minutes, and add a significant amount of ice. It’s ready! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Hibiscus* (38%), apple*, grape*, berries* (blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, elderberry) (10%), blackberry leaves*, natural berry flavors (5%)

Apple*, hibiscus* (16%), rosehip*, peach* (7%), natural peach flavor (3%), natural apricot flavor (2%) and natural watermelon flavor

*Organically grown ingredients


Kusmi Tea Iced Tea pitcher:
•    Materials: borosilicate glass, stainless steel filter, bamboo lid
•    Dimensions: H 245 x W 150 x Ø 105mm
•    Weight: 500g
•    Conditions of use: wash before use, no dishwasher, no freezer, not to be placed on a heat source

•    Precautions for use: pour hot water before adding ice cubes
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 95 °C