The best teas and infusions for getting through the winter

The best teas and infusions for getting through the winter | Kusmi Tea

Ah… the fragrance of cinnamon, vanilla, and other spices fill the room… Which is exactly what we want in winter. Imagine yourself with a spiced tea, green tea, or black tea by the fire… or at least sat next to your radiator.
When winter rears its head, Kusmi has one piece of advice: stay hydrated and keep cozy with hot beverages. What’s more, everyone knows that a delicious herbal tea with a drop of honey, lemon, and ginger is the best home remedy for soothing a sore throat.

Aside from the winter blues, you can always count on a warming cup of hot tea to get yourself back in the game. Whether cinnamon tea, the roundness of organic, spiced tea or delicious vanilla, which Kusmi tea or infusion will you be warming up with this winter? Here is a closer look at our 5 teas and infusions for getting through the winter in style.

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Organic spiced teas: your allies for getting through the winter

Christmas-colored tea

How could we possible tell you about winter teas without talking about our limited-edition Tsarevna Christmas tea? Every year, Kusmi reveals a new limited-edition of its Tsarevna Christmas spiced tea. In 2020, Tsarevna is adorned in beautiful green and has gone organic.

Tsarevna 120G: this is the unmissable Christmas tea from Kusmi Tea. Make your way to the fairground, buy a ticket for the Tsarevna carrousel and set off on a whirlwind of flavors. With a heady aroma of orange peel, spices, and licorice, all underpinned by an organic black tea base, our organic-label recipe will delight your taste buds and is also available loose!

The 24-bag tin: our Tsarevna organic black tea is of course available in tea bags. Ideal for bringing your Christmas tea to the office and making all your colleagues dream of going on a winter holiday.

Lucky you! Every year, you can find our organic Christmas tea in our Tsarevna gift set accompanied by its matching green mug. So, will you be giving this Tsarevna gift set to someone this Christmas, or keeping it for yourself?


Teas for your home-made chai latte

Along with trendy matcha latte, here at Kusmi we love chai latte – THE hot drink from India you just have to try, renowned for its energizing properties. With that in mind, we had to concoct a selection of spiced teas for your latte recipes.

First of all, let us introduce one of our oldest spiced black tea recipes, our Kashmir Tchaï. Kashmir Tchaï, as its name indicates, is a black chai tea enhanced with an incredible blend of spices: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and clove. Everything that makes this black tea PERFECT for mixing with your milk and milk foam.

For those of you who want to give back, we recommend our Tchaï of the Tiger, an organic spiced black tea developed in collaboration with WWF. For each tin of loose tea purchased, 1 will be donated to the Tx2 Project launched in 2010 by WWF to protect wild tigers. This peppery, spiced black tea with ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon is sure to delight those who like things a little spicy.

Fancy varying the pleasure? You can also make a chai latte with the iconic Prince Vladimir, a black tea with notes of citrus and vanilla. And the Sweet Love black tea will awaken all your senses with its spice blend of guarana, licorice, and pink pepper.


Have you decided on one of our different spiced black teas? If so, we’ll meet you in the kitchen to teach you how to make your very own delicious chai latte.

The Chai Latte Recipe

The recipe for our Chai Latte is very simple. All you have to do is brew two spoonfuls of your favorite spiced tea in a teapot for 5 minutes. When the infusion is ready, pour the desired amount into a mug, leaving enough room for the milk. Add a drop of honey or agave syrup. Finally, whisk your milk until it becomes nice and creamy, and pour it into your chai tea.

And as cinnamon lovers always want a little more spice, sprinkle some cinnamon or a spice of your choosing over the top. You can now enjoy your chai latte. And we promise, it will be perfect for warming your hands and your heart this winter.


Our Russian teas

Who better than the Russians to help you get through a harsh winter? And especially our legendary Russian teas! Fortunately, as you know, Kusmi was originally founded in Russia before becoming a naturalized French citizen. This is why you can count on our Russian teas to warm your hands, body, and mind this winter.

When it starts getting cold, we turn to all things classic and iconic. Which is why we just had to tell you about our Earl Grey tea, a black tea with bergamot. We like coming back to it every winter, and can never resist pouring a second mug of this strong black tea, especially on chilly mornings.

Two of the Kusmi Earl Grey blends will help you get over that winter fatigue. Firstly, there is Anastasia, our organic black tea with bergamot and lemon. Secondly, there is our Prince Vladimir, a black tea flavored with citrus, vanilla, and spices. These Earl Greys are two of the iconic recipes by Kusmi.


Comforting organic infusions

​​​​So far, we have talked to you about our strong teas, those with spiced aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger that delicately perfume the room. However, we know you, and when you hear the word “winter” you immediately think about long, lazy evenings cuddled up under the duvet in front of Netflix. Are we wrong? No need to worry: at Kusmi, we love our winter evenings even more thanks to our brand-new range of caffeine-free organic infusions.

And don’t think that herbal teas just mean linden and chamomile! Far from it! At Kusmi, we want delicious, comforting flavors from start to finish.

What infusion will you choose for your next evening in with Netflix?

Thanks to its biscuit notes, our delicious Sweet Break infusion is perfectly suited to an evening of Netflix and Chill. Why? Because after dinner, we always like to finish with something sweet! Well here is just the organic infusion for the job. Nothing is more comforting than our Sweet Break, a delicious organic herbal tea with biscuit notes.

During the day, our Sweet Break organic herbal tea is also ideal for taking a break. As we like to say at Kusmi, breaks are sacred – and essential for recharging our batteries in winter.

It was therefore an obvious choice to include Sweet Break, our organic blend of hibiscus with red fruit and biscuit flavors, in our winter selection.


Spice buffs will already be in love with our Only Spices organic infusion with 7 spices. An organic, caffeine-free blend packing a spicy punch and a certain sweetness thanks to subtle notes of aniseed. In a word, an organic infusion that reminds us of the south, drinks on the beach, the sun, and the sea… What could be better when the temperature plummets?


Indulgent organic rooibos

Yum, yum, yum! In winter, we want coziness, childhood comforts, and softness. In a word, INDULGENCE. And so what better than a sweet organic rooibos for your winter evenings? Rooibos is a caffeine-free red tea that we really love, especially for its round, gentle, and naturally sweet flavors. As it is caffeine-free, infusions with organic rooibos can be enjoyed throughout the day by everyone – children, adults, and even pregnant women. And if you try our organic rooibos, you will notice that a rooibos herbal tea can be easily recognized by its fine red needles.

So, have you been charmed by this caffeine-free red tea from South Africa? At Kusmi, our rooibos is organic and used in a large number of blends.

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Do you adore almonds? Then discover our almond rooibos!

We can’t get enough of almonds, which remind us of snack breaks as children. You guessed it: almond is the irresistible ingredient that sends us back to our childhood in our organic almond rooibos infusion. At Kusmi, our herbal tea with organic rooibos and almonds is nothing short of a Proustian madeleine!

Do you love vanilla? Then discover our vanilla rooibos!

Was it “love at first bite” between you and vanilla when you were a child? We totally understand! It was hardly surprising that the roundness of organic rooibos and the sweetness of vanilla said “I do” in our caffeine-free organic infusion by Kusmi. So, have you tried our organic vanilla rooibos ?

Organic rooibos and maybe more…

Organic rooibos is also used in the Feel Zen organic infusion with fruits and caramel: an herbal tea that is sure to relax and destress you after a busy day.

Meanwhile, our Lovely night organic infusion is the perfect herbal tea for falling asleep, and will have you out like a light in no time. Made with rooibos, linden, and verbena, the Lovely Night organic infusion can also calm you throughout the day.