C$ 20.00 CAD
(C$ 66.67 / 100g)

Herbal tea, verbena, mint 25 enveloped tea bags

25 enveloped tea bags

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C$ 20.00 CAD
(C$ 66.67 / 100g)

Blend of verbena and mint

Our Verbena-Mint organic herbal tea delivers an immediate sensation of minty freshness.

The Verbena-Mint herbal tea is a classic that has been venerated since time immemorial for its characteristic combination of fresh and sweet flavors.

Embark on a sensory discovery of this organic version by Kusmi Tea: a blend with a purely herbal scent whose golden-yellow brew creates a silky texture on the palate. Appreciate its delicate notes that gradually become livelier and aromatic. This is the result of a perfect harmony between refreshing mint and the subtle lemony profile verbena. 

A fresh, soothing treat, to be enjoyed at any time of day, in the company of this organic Verbena-Mint herbal tea, that is completely free of caffeine.

This organic herbal tea is available in loose-leaf, because it's better for the planet.

The info you need

There are several possible etymologies for the name "verbena". Among them, "verbenae" which means a plant crown, or "haba veneris" which means "Venus grass". Each of these origin stories refers to Antiquity, when this was considered sacred by the Gauls and the Romans. It is said to protect those who grow it in their gardens or wear it on their foreheads or as a necklace, and it is highly prized for its many medicinal virtues. That beneficent reputation clings to it still.


Lemon verbena* (40%), mint* (40%), rosehip* *Organically grown ingredients




Brewing Time Brewing Time 5-7 min
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 100 °C