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The Essentials gift set


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Item No. ESSEN525R
C$ 32.99 CAD
(263.92 €/kg)

Gift set containing 5 miniatures of flavoured teas and herbal tea

It includes an assortment of five popular teas in 0.88oz tins, perfect for discovering or sharing Kusmi Tea's bestsellers. English Breakfast and its combination of Ceylon and Assam black teas will delight fans of full-bodied tea, while our popular Russian blend Anastasia (a mix of Earl Grey, lemon and orange blossom) will enchant with its tangy floral notes. BB Detox, our famous blend of green tea, mate and grapefruit, is perfect for a wellness tea break, while the refreshing taste of our popular Spearmint Green Tea is a delightful way to end a meal. Aquarosa, an herbal tea made with hibiscus and berries, is a fruity, tangy experience. This tea sampler is the perfect gift set that will delight your wife, friends or colleagues!


English Breakfast : Ceylon black tea (75%), Assam black tea (25%) Anastasia : Black tea, essential oils of bergamot, lemon and lime, flavouring BB Detox : Green tea (30%), rosehip seeds, maté (17%), rooibos, fennel, mint, grapefruit flavouring, flavourings, guarana seeds, dandelion Spearmint green tea : Green tea, spearmint leaves (4%), mint essential oil AquaRosa: Hibiscus (38%), apple, red berries, sweet blackberry leaves, black berries (4.5%), elderberry, flavourings