C$ 120.00 CAD
(C$ 328.77 / kg)

The Collection


Product rating 3.4 out of 5
Item No. COLLEC1
C$ 120.00 CAD
(328.77 €/kg)

Gift set of 15 flavored teas and herbal tea miniatures with a 100 filters tea box and a tea spoon

The Collection brings together 15 mini tins in an elegant case. Perfect for trying Kusmi’s famous blends, or to give as a gift. A selection of Kusmi’s most beautiful creations with 5 Wellness teas (Detox, Sweet Love, Boost, Be Cool, Blue Detox), 5 exclusive blends (Anastasia, Prince Vladimir, St Petersburg, Kashmir Tchai, Imperial Label) and 5 flavoured green teas (Rose green tea, Jasmine green tea, Spearmint green tea, Ginger-lemon green tea, Strawberry green tea). For tea preparation, The Collection also includes a box of 100 paper filters as well as a Kusmi Tea engraved teaspoon.