Tchaï of the Tiger (Organic)

C$ 23.19 CAD C$ 28.99
(C$ 23.19 / 100g)

Tchaï of the Tiger
Indian black tea, spices 100g tea-filled tin

100g tea-filled tin

Cups 40


Product rating 5 out of 5
Item No. 21685A1070

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C$ 23.19 CAD C$ 28.99
(C$ 23.19 / 100g)

Black tea from India with spices and natural flavorings.

Tchaï of the Tiger, Kusmi Tea's new organic recipe in collaboration with WWF.

In collaboration with WWF, Kusmi Tea is delighted to present Tchaï of the Tiger, an organic and powerful spiced recipe. It contributes to protecting wild tigers, a species threatened with extinction and an iconic animal in tea-producing regions.

Just like chai, a traditional beverage in India, Chai of the Tiger divinely combines black tea and fragrant spices. The recipe is based on a tea variety from Thiashola, a renowned organic, ethical tea estate in southwest India in the Nilgiri region, also home to tigers protected by WWF. This black tea reveals its full strength when mixed with organic spices. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black and pink pepper all add an astonishing balance of power and sweetness to the blend, inspired by the enchanting cat it helps protect.

In an effort to speed up the protection of wild tigers in the world, Kusmi Tea will donate one euro to WWF for every tin of Chai of the Tiger sold.

This product can be sold in the following countries only: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Canada, US, Japan.
Tchaï of the Tiger (Organic)


Black tea from India* (32%), ginger*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, licorice*, chicory*, pink pepper*, natural ginger flavor, natural cinnamon flavor. Contains liquorice - those suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption *Orga
Brewing Time Brewing Time 5 min
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 90 °C


Kusmi Tea
commits to working
with WWF

Real support for the WWF Tx2 Project

Once again, Kusmi Tea is using its authentic expertise to support a cause dear to its heart.

For the last two years, Kusmi Tea has been a sponsor of the WWF Tx2 Project. This conservation initiative launched in 2010 aims to protect tigers, a species in danger of extinction and an iconic animal in tea-producing regions.

The goal is to double the wild tiger populations recorded in 2010 to reach 6,000 cats by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. In an effort to speed up the Tx2 Project, Kusmi Tea will donate one euro to WWF for every tin of Chai of the Tiger sold.

An amazing chance to combine pleasure and charity while enjoying a delicious cup of tea.