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Løvely Glögg

125g loose tea Tin


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Item No. GLOGG100
C$ 22.00 CAD
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Flavoured blend of spices, fruits and hibiscus

An organic herbal tea that combines traditional Christmas spices with fruity notes of grape and black currant.

Discover the Scandinavian tradition of Glögg or Gløgg, a drink with an aroma and appearance that call to mind cozy Nordic Christmases. Løv Organic has reworked the original recipe to create an organic herbal tea that's fruity and spicy, with notes of tart hibiscus and black currant and the enchanting flavors of cinnamon, licorice and cardamom. It's perfect for sharing sweet moments with friends. A captivating delight that you can enjoy all winter long.
Løvely Glögg


Cinnamon*, raisins*(15%), hibiscus*(14%), lemon peels*, blackcurrant*(11%), cardamom*, liquorice*, flavourings (almond, cinnamon, blackcurrant).
Brewing Time Brewing Time 5
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 95 °C