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Løv in Mind

100g loose tea Tin


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Item No. LOVMI100
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Dragon fruit, lemon and ginger flavoured blend of plants, spices and apple

A unique organic herbal tea that combines the fruity flavors of lemon and dragon fruit with spicy notes of ginger and turmeric.

Are the benefits of meditation finally within reach? Disconnect from your hectic daily life and reach for the sky with Løv in Mind, the organic herbal tea from Løv Organic. Breathe in. Immerse yourself in a bubble of serenity, leaving the chaos and irritations of daily life behind. Breathe out. Recenter yourself on the essential, a cup in your hands. And finally, drink. Fully enjoy the present moment. Discover the surprising union of sweet fruit flavor with energizing spices. The tangy taste of lemon combines with spicy notes of ginger and turmeric, them makes way for the sweetness of dragon fruit and the freshness of moringa. An unexpected hint of pepper makes the flavors stand out! This organic herbal tea is intense and refined. Enjoy it hot or iced for a relaxing moment of well-being. Meditate, or simply take a little time for yourself. Could that be the secret of happiness?
Løv in Mind


Apple*(63%), lemon balm*, ginger*(6%), turmeric*(5%), moringa*(4%), flavourings, chili pepper*, rosehip*, ginseng root*.
Brewing Time Brewing Time 5'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 90 °C