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Green strawberry

100 g Refill Bag


Product rating 3.7 out of 5
Item No. VFRA100D
C$ 18.00 CAD
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Strawberry-flavored green tea

A fruity green tea with notes of strawberry, perfect for an indulgent break.

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported by the intoxicating scent of strawberries. This refreshing, fruity green tea is delicious both hot and iced, and perfect for an indulgent break during the day.

Available loose-leaf or in tea bags.

Did you know

Whether in jam, in a pie, or simply eaten raw, strawberries are THE summertime fruit. Since time immemorial, strawberries have been renowned for their flavor. They are actually not a true berry, since they are formed from the receptacle that holds the flower.

Green strawberry


Green tea, flavorings (4%)
Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 80 °C