C$ 17.50 CAD
(C$ 17.50 / 100g)

Green Almond
Almond flavored green tea 100 g refill bag

100 g refill bag

Cups 50


Product rating 4.8 out of 5
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C$ 17.50 CAD
(C$ 17.50 / 100g)

Almond-flavored green tea

Green Almond, an endlessly tempting organic tea!

Sugared almonds, nougat, pralines, frangipane… Is your mouth watering? It must be, because the temptation is so great! After all, almonds are center-stage in so many delicious treats! However, they’re at their best when totally natural – perfect for lending our green tea a truly extraordinary flavor.

And then there’s their legendary sweetness and creamy texture… Their velvety green hull forms a protective shell around the most delicate of nuts. From almond milk to sweet almond oil, they offer countless charms in every form – which is why we just had to use them in a delicious tea!

Organic Green Almond is perfect when paired with your favorite pastries, but also great on its own when enjoyed as a treat for a sweet, fruity tea-time. If you’ve never tried it before, then we know you’ll go nuts for this exceptional blend! But beware – when you try our Organic Green Almond tea, you’re sure to be back for more…

Organic tea available loose because it’s good for the planet, and in bags for when you’re on the go.

The info you need

Almond trees are so beautiful when they flower that they play a central role in a number of legends. Here’s just one… According to a Greek myth, the King of Thrace’s daughter Phyllis was so sad while waiting for her lover, the son of Theseus, to return from his travels, that she died of sorrow. But the goddess Hera took pity upon the poor girl and transformed her body into an almond tree. When her distraught lover finally returned, he saw the almond tree and wrapped his arms around it. In his embrace, the tree immediately blossomed with countless, fragrant, white flowers!


Green tea* (98%), natural almond flavor, natural kernel flavor *Organically grown ingredient
Almond (natural flavor)

Almond (natural flavor)

Green tea Chun Me

Green tea Chun Me

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 75 °C
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