C$ 23.99 CAD
(C$ 19.19 / 100g)

Green Almond
Almond flavored green tea 125g tea-filled tin

125g tea-filled tin

Cups 50


Product rating 4.6 out of 5
Item No. VAMA125

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C$ 23.99 CAD
(C$ 19.19 / 100g)

Almond-flavored green tea

Almond green tea is an indulgent blend, perfect for "tea time".

Let our almond green tea take you back to childhood, calling to mind your most delicious memories. This green tea will delight those with a sweet tooth. Pair it with the most delicious pastries you can find for an indulgent moment of relaxation.

Available loose-leaf or in tea bags.

The info you need

The almond belongs to the oilseed family, which also includes hazelnuts, olives and even sunflowers! Its flavor pairs well with desserts, and adds a gourmet note to savory dishes. Almonds come from the almond tree, a Mediterranean tree that plays a central role in a Greek legend. Phyllis, daughter of the king of Thrace, felt abandoned when her lover left on a long journey and decided to end her life. Her body was transformed into an almond tree. When, upon his return, her anguished lover discovered the almond tree, he threw his arms around it. The tree was instantly covered with sweetly-scented white flowers. 

Green Almond


Green tea, flavoring
Almond flavor

Almond flavor

Green tea Chun Me

Green tea Chun Me

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 80 °C
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