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Valentine's day

When 'Valentine's Day' and other romantic comedies start trending on Netflix, you know the fourteenth of February is around the corner. So, for all those bashful lovers out there struggling to find the perfect Valentine's Day present, here are our Valentine's Day gift ideas. If hearts and roses aren't your cup of tea, we've got something that will be more to your taste. 

This year on Valentine's Day, why not gift organic teas and herbal teas? Roses are red, violets are blue… Kusmi has the perfect tea for you!


Why choose Kusmi teas and herbal teas for Valentine's Day?

If we're going to celebrate love, we may as well confess ours for the high-quality organic teas and herbal teas made in Normandy. At Kusmi, all our tins of tea are put together with heaps of love. We pour our love into fresh, delicious and floral fragrances so that you can enjoy a bouquet full of excitement. We also love organic ingredients and natural flavours because it's only natural to love what's really good for you. And if you love choice, we've got it! Organic green teas, organic black teas, organic white teas, organic herbal teas, and tea gift sets: our selection of Valentine's Day gifts knows no bounds... and is bound to delight your beloved's taste buds.


6 Valentine's Day gift ideas: Our organic teas and herbal teas

The responsible and sustainable Valentine's Day gift: Tchaï of the Tiger, a spiced chai black tea

Has your crush made you blush from day one? Unleash your wild side thanks to our organic black tea called Tchaï of the Tiger. It is an organic blend of spices: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black and pink pepper give this organic black tea a surprising balance between strength and gentleness, inspired by the captivating feline that it helps protect. Can gifting a tin of tea for Valentine's Day be a responsible and sustainable act?  Yes, because not only is it a lovely Valentine's Day gift, but for each tin bought €1 is donated to WWF France to help protect wild tigers. What more could you want? 

Price: $28.00

Brewing: 5 minutes at 90°C

tchai of the tiger

Anastasia, an organic bergamot black tea for a Valentine's Day worthy of a fairy tale

Even if you no longer believe in fairy tales, awaken the princess within your beloved for the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea by gifting Anastasia for Valentine's Day. Why was the organic black tea named after Anastasia? Anastasia, who was the fascinating daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and who disappeared in 1918, directly inspired this organic bergamot black tea. Full of life and eager to be free, Anastasia was well ahead of her times. She was as fiery as bergamot, as charming as orange blossom and as zesty as lemon... Now there's a Valentine's Day gift that deserves to be shared. 

Price: $23.00

Brewing: 3–4 minutes at 90°C


Bouquet de Fleurs N°108, an organic citrus fruit and floral black tea

Gifting a bouquet for Valentine's Day is so 2020. Unless that bouquet comes in the form of an organic tea... Bouquet de Fleurs, our floral and fruity blend, combines black tea with hints of citrus fruit and floral notes. Can you smell the love? With Kusmi, it's not a vase you'll need to enjoy your Bouquet de Fleurs organic black tea, but a mug. Needless to say, our Bouquet de Fleurs N°108 organic tea is a Valentine's Day gift that is sure to surprise and delight your partner. 

Price: €$23.00

Brewing: 3–4 minutes at 90°C



The theine-free Valentine's Day gift: AquaRosa, hibiscus organic herbal tea


Instead of a rose bouquet, say it with rose tea. AquaRosa is our organic herbal tea with personality and definitely not lacking in spice. As tasty iced as it is hot, our AquaRosa organic herbal tea will whisk you away with one sip thanks to the hibiscus flavour and its tart notes. Red fruits, apples and blackberries from the most renowned orchards make this organic blend what it is. Can you think of a more original way to gift roses for Valentine's Day

Price: $24.00

Brewing: 5 minutes at 95°C


Alain Ducasse organic white tea: a sophisticated and subtle gift for Valentine's Day


If you love delicate flavours, you can't go wrong with our organic white teas. A few years ago, Kusmi partnered with Alain Ducasse to create its first white tea. The result is a refined blend of organic white tea enhanced with subtle hints of rose and raspberry. For Valentine's Day, gift this rare and special tea enhanced by our famous tea maker thanks to an original recipe involving delicate hints of rose and raspberry.

Price: $48.00

Brewing: 3 minutes at 80°C


Organic Earl Grey Intense, a Valentine's Day gift flavoured with bergamot


I bet we can guess your wildest dream... To wake up by your beloved's side every morning. Why not let them know by gifting a must-have breakfast blend? Earl Grey Intense combines black tea with the power of bergamot essential oil and tart notes of lemon peel – to help you wake up gently every morning. 

Price: $23.00

Brewing: 3–4 minutes at 90°C


For Valentine's Day, gift a tin of tea... or more if it's to their taste


Gifting a tin of tea for Valentine's Day is a great idea... but gifting a tea gift set is even better. You can never be too spoilt for choice, so make sure to check out our Valentine's Day tea gift sets. Choose the Alain Ducasse Gift Set including a tea infuser, or our classic tea gift set made up of Kusmi's most popular Earl Grey teas. Our Valentine's Day tea gift sets have something for everyone, even the pickiest tea lovers.



Bonus: A Valentine's Day gift idea for yourself?


Singing 'All by myself' this Valentine's Day? At Kusmi, we never forget about the lonely hearts at this time of year. Before we must love and leave you, what we want to share is not a Valentine Day's gift idea, but a tip: opt for delicious organic herbal teas to go with the classic box of chocolates (yes, the heart-shaped one). Organic almond Rooibos, organic vanilla Rooibos or Sweet Break, our organic hibiscus herbal tea with biscuit notes: which organic blend has stolen your heart? And let's face it, 14 February this year will be an evening like any other: a cup of organic herbal tea followed by bed. At Kusmi, we just love our Lovely Night organic herbal tea. After one cup you'll be falling straight into the arms of Morpheus.


Lovely Night


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