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100 g Refill Bag


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Item No. VGEN100D
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Green tea with toasted and puffed rice grains

Genmaicha tea, an original green tea from Japon combined with roasted, popped rice.

Discover our Genmaicha tea, a unique blend of sencha green tea from Japon and grains of roasted, popped rice. The freshness of green tea combined with the strong, slightly nutty flavor of roasted, popped rice make this blend the perfect companion for a relaxing, indulgent break. It's a delicious combination that goes perfectly with savory foods and can even be enjoyed iced in summer! 

Available loose-leaf or in iced tea bags. 

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Green tea, toasted rice grains (47%), puffed rice grains (2%)
Brewing Time Brewing Time 1'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 95 °C