C$ 44.90 CAD
(C$ 46.77 / 100g)

Discover Kusmi Gift Set
45 envelopped tea bags

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C$ 44.90 CAD
(C$ 46.77 / 100g)

Assortment of 45 flavored tea and herbal tea mousseline tea bags

Enjoy some quality time with friends and family thanks to our exclusive “Discover Kusmi” tea sampler. This great selection of 45 enveloped tea bags is the perfect format to discover and taste 9 of our most-loved Kusmi Tea blends. Also, its elegant and sleek packaging makes this a perfect gift idea! Depending on your mood, you’ll be able to taste our two historical Russian black teas - Anastasia and Prince Vladimir - both based on Earl Grey recipes; or enjoy the fresh and delicate taste of our premium green teas flavored with mint and jasmine. White Anastasia and Tropical White will take you to a world of sweetness and exoticism by blending white tea with the delicious flavors of orange blossom, lemon or even mango and passion fruit. For a well-deserved and fruit-infused break, you’ll also have the opportunity to savor our caffeine-free fruit teas AquaRosa and AquaExotica; and Be Cool will be the perfect herbal tea to end your day peacefully.