Detox (Organic)

C$ 21.90 CAD
(C$ 21.90 / 100g)

Green tea, yerba mate, lemon 100 g tea-filled tin

100 g tea-filled tin

Cups 50


Product rating 5 out of 5
Item No. 21640A1070
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C$ 21.90 CAD
(C$ 21.90 / 100g)

Lemon flavored tea and herb blend

Each to their own Detox! Discover the first addition to the family: an organic blend of green tea, maté, and lemon.  

The Detox range from Kusmi is a real family affair. Fresh and fruity triple-ingredient blends offer a chance to relax and take care of yourself.

The Detox range includes the one-and-only organic Detox and its beautiful green tin. The first-born of this wellness family uses a green tea and maté base topped with lemon zest and lemongrass. A punchy, organic tea that will add a fresh kick to your day.

You can detox everything, except organic Detox tea, of course! Try it for yourself!
Organic tea available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.

The info you need

There are now countless fans of maté! To give it its full name, yerba maté – the word maté usually describes the gourde, or calebasse, it is consumed in – this plant is part of the holly family and only grows in South America. People in Argentina, for example, drink maté all day long according to a strict ritual. They put some yerba maté in a calebasse, add sugar, honey, and spices, create a small well into which they insert a bombilla – a little cylinder used as both a straw and a filter – pour in some hot water, leave to infuse, and enjoy! And, as always, this beverage is best when shared…


Mate*, green tea* (10%), lemongrass*, rosehip*, natural lemon and lemon litsea flavors *Organically grown ingredients
Lemon (natural flavor)

Lemon (natural flavor)



Green and mate tea

Green and mate tea

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3-4 min
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 85 °C