The diuretic properties of black tea : good for water retention ?

The diuretic properties of black tea

If green tea is known for its draining and hydrating properties, the good news is that black tea is just as good! Composed essentially of infused water - drunk hot or cold - black tea has many health benefits. It hydrates the body, stimulates the kidneys and helps to eliminate toxins. Not a bad effect on the body for a single drink, is it?

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Black tea, a natural diuretic


But what are we talking about when we talk about diuretic properties? It is a substance that has the capacity to increase the elimination of sodium (a mineral salt) and water by the kidneys. More concretely, diuretics help the body to eliminate more water and salt than usual. This elimination takes place via urinary secretions. As a result of this avoidance of salt, blood pressure is lowered, which is beneficial to our cardiovascular system. If several foods are known to be effective diuretics (artichoke, asparagus, aubergine, spinach...), black tea is added to the list, thanks to the presence of theine and theobromine.... and it is much easier to prepare! Just brew for a few minutes and it's good!



Black tea, a source of hydration


Far too many of us still do not drink the 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day that our bodies need to function properly. This amount varies according to our physical exertion, our morphology... and the weather! Throughout the day, particularly in the morning when we wake up or after a sports class, it is important to rehydrate the body to ensure that our body and brain function properly. The trick to drinking more is to add tea, hot or iced, to your usual water intake.



How can black tea be both diuretic and hydrating?


Yes, it can! Although it may seem paradoxical at first glance - to provide the body with water and at the same time encourage its elimination - the two beneficial effects complement each other. By drinking black tea, the body receives the water it needs to function properly, and then the water is eliminated (along with the toxins!) when the body no longer needs it.



Black tea to combat water retention


Drinking water or black tea regularly and in good quantities will help to combat water retention. In the event of dehydration, even slight, the body holds on to the remaining liquids, storing water in the tissues. The result is an accumulation of water and swelling in various parts of the body (heavy legs). As liquids accumulate, excess fat is also less easily eliminated by the lymphatic system, which can encourage the development of cellulite. 



Black tea, a slimming ally?


Far be it from us to make miraculous promises, but drinking black tea could encourage weight loss. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, black tea, rich in catechins (polyphenols) and theine, promotes hydration and elimination. With few or no calories (it also depends on whether you sweeten it or not!), black tea can also be used to limit snacking. If you have a craving, make yourself a cup of black tea instead of opening a packet of cake! What do we have to lose by trying?



The health benefits of black tea


Still not convinced? Black tea leaves have multiple health and body benefits. Rich in theine and L-Theanine, it is considered a natural stimulant, whereas coffee and caffeine are more of an exciter. Packed with antioxidants, it also helps to combat the development of certain diseases and premature ageing of cells. It is also said to have beneficial properties for digestion and stomach aches.

You will have understood that at Kusmi Tea we are fans of black tea. A cup of black tea will help you eliminate thanks to its diuretic properties. To drink a quality tea, we opt for organic leaves.



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