What is the best gift for a tea lover?

What is the best gift for a tea lover | Kusmi Tea

What can you give to someone who loves their tea? Knowing that someone is a tea drinker and that they like to experiment is information you can count on when it comes to giving them a gift. Whether you choose to give them tea, or a tea-making accessory, chances are that every time they use it, it will remind them of the person who gave the gift! In short, it is a guarantee of giving someone a gift they will treasure long into the future.

Let us introduce them to precious and famous teas

Giving tea is such an enriching idea! It makes a change from flowers and chocolates, is less perishable, has beneficial effects on health, on stress... and the advantage with Kusmi is that they are all organic! For a gift that stands out, for one moment let's put aside the teas of everyday life, and select exceptional teas that inspire a journey.



We put our faith in the best teas in the world

Until we can actually offer a world tour (the day we win the lottery!), we can still offer a world tour of teas! We start with China, the birthplace of tea, where it has been cultivated and consumed since the third millennium BC. Of the most prestigious Chinese teas, we recommend the organic Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea which stands out for its long, flat emerald green leaves and light notes of hazelnut and chestnut. Or the organic Jade Pearls with Jasmine tea, made up of delicate little tea pearls, ready to be infused.

We then stopover in Japan with several famous green teas: Sencha organic green tea, nicknamed "hospitality tea", Genmaicha organic green tea, with roasted and puffed rice grains, or Hojicha organic green tea, from the island of Kyushu. But it is clearly the organic matcha tea which in recent years has become particularly trendy with pastry. We end the taste journey with a stopover in India, the country of tchaï, a tea loaded with spices that is drunk very sweet and with milk. And not forgetting a stop in Morocco, where the traditional green tea with mint has become THE symbol of hospitality.

And just like that, giving a simple gift of organic green tea  becomes exotic.


Choose a gift box

Having trouble choosing just one tea? We understand completely! History enables discoveries, and remembrances, so why not give a gift box? Especially since at Kusmi they are not only a guarantee of quality, they also respect the environment. All the ingredients come from organic farming, all the blends and packaging are made in France, and the packaging is environmentally friendly.

Our favourite boxes include the Les Moments box (5 tea blends to enjoy all day), the Les Essentiels box (5 miniature essential teas and infusions) and the Tea Time box (the "must-have" for the afternoon tea break). The good news is that all the gift boxes can have a second, third… tenth life, since there are refills to replenish them.

Another option that will appeal to the most inspired: choose a box that you can personalise, that you compose yourself. Perfect! Now you can take into account the tastes of the person you want to spoil…. or give them a chance to taste our favourite teas! Be sure to pop in a white tea, less well known than green teas and black teas, and which captivates the most demanding palates thanks to its rare, subtle and delicate flavours.



Give them the perfect teapot

Tea lovers (and its thousand-year-old ceremony!) consider the teapot a must-have for a tea-time worthy of the name. It is THE perfect gift for someone who loves their tea. Now it's for us to find the one that best suits your style and consumption.

Traditional teapots that have proven their worth

The Japanese cast iron teapot called "Tetsubin Kyusu" immediately springs to mind. Its strong point? The thermal advantage of cast iron is that it retains heat perfectly, and can be placed directly on the fire to heat the water. In China, the terracotta teapots from Yixing are particularly famous. What is special about them is that they are known as having a "memory". As the teapot is not enamelled, the tannin of the tea settles lightly on the walls, bringing back the taste thereafter. After being "patinated" for years, some are snapped up for a high price! The downside is that you can only brew one kind of tea in it, to avoid unfortunate mixtures. For everyday use, a porcelain or ceramic teapot (enamelled materials) is a much more practical option (that you can reuse!).

Modern teapots for fans of fashion

While tradition is good, innovation can appeal to tea lovers just as much. It can be a real convenience in the morning to let the automatic teapot take care of everything! Equipped with different programmes, the tea machine heats and infuses all varieties of tea, then signals when the tea is ready, before keeping it warm. The other even more stylish option, is a glass teapot whose sleek, Scandinavian-inspired look we like. It plays with transparency, where the colour of the tea is gradually revealed. Ideal for keeping an eye your brew.



Pro accessories to give

If the person you want to spoil already has a teapot and a good stock of teas, then there are tea-related gifts that are a little more original. If you're feeling a little generous, or if the occasion justifies it, you can create a personalised kit, including at the same time a teapot, tea and accessories. We tell you a little more about them below.

Give them the perfect kettle

Let's start with the kettle, which for many of us, has become the first step in preparing a tea or infusion. This everyday item has been jumped on by the designers and major brands of household appliances. Our current favourites? The KitchenAid Classic, round and space-saving, or the Emma Kettle by Stelton, which is inspired by the old-fashioned enamel coffee maker.

Small tea accessories to give

Preparing tea is pretty easy and fun (when you're well equipped!), but drinking it is even better. You can choose your tasting experience with the selection of a particularly crafted cup or a mug. We love, for example, this stoneware teapot with its wooden lid, as pretty in a kitchen as it is in an office. If you opt for a "classic" cup or mug, you can add a tea ball, an infuser spoon or a permanent tea filter.

Accessories for iced tea



As summer is never far away, and iced tea enthusiasts are ever more numerous, we can also give an iced tea decanter, specially designed for the preparation of the summer's iconic, detox and refreshing drink. And because it is always nice to take your tea with you, on the way to work, at weekends or when travelling, you can choose an insulated bottle, like this very trendy glass container, which will keep your drinks hot or cold for several hours.