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100 g Refill Bag


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Item No. AQUA100D

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C$ 20.00 CAD
(200.00 €/kg)

Flavored blend of hibiscus, black berries, fruits and herbs

AquaRosa, a tart, gourmet and refreshing hibiscus herbal tea

Enjoy a fruity break with AquaRosa, an herbal tea with tart notes of hibiscus and berries and a gourmet hint of apple. This herbal tea was directly inspired by Abyssinian rose tea, a blend that includes hibiscus from East Africa. Hibiscus, the main ingredient, gives the blend its unique pink color. Naturally caffeine free, AquaRosa is a tea that the whole family can enjoy, hot or iced, any time of day. Available loose-leaf or in tea bags.

Did you know

Hibiscus has been prized since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians used it primarily for its medicinal properties. This red, white or pink-flowered plant offers countless benefits. In herbal tea, hibiscus is known for providing refreshing, thirst-quenching taste and a true feeling of lightness and energy. Drink as much as you like! Today, apples are the most commonly eaten fruit in the world. They come in several dozen varieties and can be green, red or multicolored, sweet or tart, with a texture that is crisp or mealy. This refreshing drink is perfect for your workout.



Hibiscus (38%), apple, red fruits(19%), mulberry leaves, elderberry, black berries (3.5%), flavorings
Brewing Time Brewing Time 5'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 95 °C