C$ 58.00 CAD
(C$ 557.69 / kg)

All my Løv Selection gift set


Product rating 5 out of 5
C$ 58.00 CAD
(557.69 €/kg)

Assortment of flavoured green teas, white tea, herbal teas and fruit infusions

The All My Løv Selection is a gourmet gift set that offers a blend for any occasion – a moment to recharge your batteries or afternoon tea with family and friends. Bringing together 48 teabags of our most loved herbal teas (4 teabags of 12 blends), the large selection of different flavours will ensure that everyone will find a favourite. Our delicious, 100% caffeine-free blends will have you sipping fruity, spicy and sweet infusions all day long! Contains 4 teabags of each blend: Løv is Zen - Almond Rooibos - Summer in Løv - Løv is Green - Løvely Glögg - Vanilla Rooibos - Løv in Mind - Løv is Good - Wild Berry Fruit Tea - Løvely Night - Løvely Break - Run for Løv