Acerola, the vitamin-rich "Barbados cherry".

Acerola, the vitamin-rich "Barbados cherry".

Straight from the island of Barbados, we're talking today about (no, not Rihanna!) acerola cherries, a vitamin-rich fruit with remarkable benefits. In addition to their sour taste that drives everyone wild, the acerola cherry is rich in vitamin C to boost your immune system. That's just one of the reasons why acerola cherries are an important part of our vitamin C therapy: Organic Immune Defense Ritual.


We're about to explain why and how to integrate acerola cherries into your diet to reap the benefits of this vitamin-rich fruit.



Acerola cherries: an out-of-the-ordinary fruit


Acerola cherries are hard to find in France. Few people eat them on a daily basis or know the nutritional value and benefits of this Barbadian fruit. Fortunately, Kusmi is here to help you discover acerola cherries, a superfruit with amazing powers and virtures.


Where do acerola cherries come from?

The acerola is a shrub native to the tropical areas of the Caribbean. It produces a juicy and tangy fruit that some call Barbados cherries. For thousands of years, the indigenous people of the Amazon region consumed it for its beneficial effects and properties for the body.

The fruit is harvested from July to December, when it is in season, because the fruit is very delicate.


The taste of acerola cherries

Sure, acerola berries contain more vitamin C than an orange, but how do they taste? Like other cherries, the acerola cherry has a juicy body and a naturally tangy taste.


Benefits of acerola cherries

Like goji berries we've talked about before, acerola cherries are a "super" ingredient in terms of nutrition, thanks to their high vitamin C content.



Acerola cherries: a fruit right in vitamin C

Acerola cherries are a natural source of vitamin C. These small red berries are absolutely packed with vitamin C. Almost 30 to 40 times more than an orange! Because of their high vitamin C content, acerola cherries have significant health benefits.

  • Due to their vitamin C content, acerola cherries contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. There's nothing like vitamin C for boosting your immune system!
  • The vitamin C in acerola cherries is also an antioxidant. Just like vitamin E, selenium, and zinc, it has hugely beneficial antioxidant properties to help counter free radicals and the premature aging of cells.

  • The vitamin C in acerola cherries also helps ward off winter slumps, promoting vigor and vitality. We could all use more energy and less fatigue!

What if we told you that the body needs a helping hand from time to time? Sometimes, you need some outside help when the body or mind is fatigued. Essential to our balance, it is important—and even recommended—to supplement with vitamin C year round.




Vitamin C plays multiple roles in our body. By activating our natural defenses, vitamin C provides our bodies with a feeling of well-being. To benefit from vitamin C, it is important to give our body enough of it. But how? Mainly through food!



How should we eat acerola cherries?


Like all “superfoods”, acerola cherries should not be cooked so that they retain all their beneficial nutrients.

You can enjoy the benefits and virtues of acerola cherries simply by eating them:


At breakfast:

You can eat fresh acerola cherries in a fruit salad. Be careful, because they keep fresh for only about 48 hours. Acerola cherries are most often found in a juice or powder form. This means that you can use it in a vitamin-rich juice. Another option is to eat acerola cherries whole in your cereal or oatmeal. Finally, to mix things up a bit, acerola cherries can be included in jams to add a hint of originality to traditional recipes.


Recipe for vitamin-rich acerola oatmeal

  • For a delicious oatmeal: Over low heat, mix one part oatmeal with two parts water (or milk) until smooth.
  • Add a teaspoon of chia seeds.
  • For a richer taste: Add a teaspoon of peanut butter.
  • Serve in a bowl and add red berries and acerola cherries.
  • For a superfood bonus: Add goji berries, as you please, for their slightly sweet taste.


For a vitamin-rich tea break




Acerola cherries are also a key ingredient in our Immune Defense Ritual, an all-organic vitamin-rich green tea enriched with acerola.

With Immune Defense Ritual, we've added well-being to your morning ritual. When a simple tea break is so beneficial for you, how can you possibly resist?

Immune Defense Ritual is an organic Sencha green tea enriched with acerola and the flavor of orange. Just 3 minutes of brewing for 28 days increases your vitamin C intake and boosts your immune system. Bringing together health and happiness? Kusmi does it all!



Why drink organic tea?


The organic designation guarantees the product's quality (without pesticides) due to the many controls performed throughout the production chain. It also ensures that the product is produced in an environmentally friendly way.

For health and happiness, put your trust in nature. That's why our acerola-enriched vitamin C therapy includes organic Sencha green tea. At Kusmi, we care a lot about sourcing. We select teas that are environmentally friendly and producers that are environmentally responsible, with the benevolent support of WWF France. We source only from countries that produce without compromising the quality of our blends. Today, our selection of teas and infusions is organic, and our flavors are all natural.